Date Of  Blog:  03/27/2014  Thursday From:  Apostle Patrick A. Kirk : “servant TO THE SERVANTS IN ALL NATIONS” : Kingdom Encouragers Ministries & Churches, International  PROPHETIC REVELATION BY THE HOLY SPIRIT ON SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 :  TITLE :  “WARN MY PEOPLE OF IMPENDING ANNIHILATION!!!”  I  was sitting on the edge of my bed on 09/24/2013, when The Spirit of The LORD spoke to me saying: “Warrior General, warn My People, as I reveal the ones to whom this warning is intended!  The days are coming soon when EVERYTHING that Americans consume in diet OR in other means of consumption that The U.S. Government will take ALL of these things and LACE them with ARSENIC and CYANIDE (or CYANIC ACID) ; and OTHER DEATH-INDUCING AGENTS OR COMPOUNDS into all that America consumes internally or in application to their bodies!   The Government is now stockpiling ARSENIC & CYANIDE and other  proven death-inducing agents in huge quantities in direct proportion to the number of people, living in America!!    The INTENT of The Government is to : IMMOBILZE; DETAIN; INCARCERATE; OR TO ANNIHILATE the American Population into full submission to their control; manipulation; and to their deliberate TYRANNY, especially in the throes or in the wake of  IMPOSED, IMMINENT MARSHALL LAW!!”  The VERY NEXT DAY, (on 09/25/2014), AFTER I HAD ALREADY RECEIVED THIS HOLY SPIRIT REVELATION on 09/24/2013, a Man, named:  FRANK MITCHELL, sent me a full description about a very extensive, full  LIBRARY of HELP-CRISIS Reference Books, (that he has written), which are solely dedicated to equipping the American People with Proven/Tested  ALL-NATURAL, Survival Techniques! Mr. Mitchell specifically states on his Website : “FAMILY SURVIVAL SYSTEM ACCESS” :  “FEMA is systemiatically planning MASS ANNIHILATION of the American Population, especially in  FEMA’s  “SURVIVAL/RETREAT CENTERS”, which are scattered all across America!!! Mr. Mitchell can be contacted at:  Family Survival System Access with E-Mail Address at:   Mr. Mitchell is a Former New York City Police/Law Enforcement Officer!!  The Holy Spirit told me to speak to God’s Saints to tell them NOT to walk/run in fear; doubt; and unbelief when they see things being manifested and demonstrated!!! We MUST put our Faith and our complete TRUST in  God Almighty through Christ Jesus – – ALWAYS!  Proverbs 3:5-6!    PRAY that you would be amongst The Endtime True Remnant Bride of Christ In The Nations (who is without spot; defect; nor blemish, being WASHED in The Blood Of The Lamb Of God with Pure, White Wedding Garments), whom  God Almighty will enable to OVERCOME ALL of these things that will soon engulf The Nations in HIS Righteous Judgments, just before Our KING and Our JUDGE: Christ Jesus returns and splits the Eastern Skies With His LAST Shofar SOUNDING over The Nations, along with the presence of The Holy Angelic  Host Of  Heaven with Him!!   I  prophetically release The Eternal Blessing Of God upon each of you, found in Numbers 6:24-26 : ” The LORD bless thee, and keep thee; The LORD make His Face shine upon thee; and be gracious to thee:  The LORD lift up His Countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.”  Most Lovingly yours Submitted In His Service to ALL Nations, I  remain ,  Most Lovingly AT THE FEET OF CHRIST JESUS,  Apostle Patrick A. Kirk : Ministry Links: