Apostle Patrick A. Kirk : Servant To The Servants: “For The Glory of God & For The Building up of the Bride of Christ in ALL Nations!” God wants His Kingdom People to be fully RESTORED to the Original, Divine Order for His Church today, back to the true FOUNDATION that Jesus Christ Himself laid and established in the 1st.Century Church AD! God has given us His Holy Mandate to sound the alarm in His requiring HIS Church & Ministries today to RETURN to the original Foundation of Jesus Christ with all Five Branches of the Five-Fold Ministry to be in place and be fully functional in accord with Ephesians 4:11-16; Eph. 1:1-23; & Romans 1:9-12! God is sending His Holy Spirit with His Great and Holy Fire to purify and to call HIS true Church today, back to the way it was in the Book of Acts with The Apostles; Prophets; Evangelists; Pastors; & Teachers, being fully FUNCTIONAL with each joint supplying as each Member has need as in Eph. 4:16!
Those Churches/Ministries who embrace and allow the Five-Fold Ministry to function will prosper in the Blessings of God for His Kingdom! Those Churches/Ministries who refuse to return and to function in the Original, Divine Order of Jesus are already in raw rebellion against God & His Holy Mandate to function today as HE established The Church in the First-Century AD: and they will be in danger of Hell’s Fire! Rebellion is the beginning point for EVERY sin! Please read Proverbs 6:16-19! Jesus is the One and Only True SUPREME HEAD of His Church in EVERY generation! We operate in the full dimension of God’s signs; wonders; & miracles in demonstration by The Holy Spirit! God has me serving The Bride of Christ in four House Churches as Overseer and Apostle for Christ! REPENT, Beloved Bride of Christ, Your King and Judge is coming SOON!



Contacting Brother Patrick A. Kirk

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Personal E-Mail Address:

1210 North Street; Apt. # 117
Westerville, OH  43081

Phone: 614.839.6062 E-Mail :
Bette L. Stevens: 1-614-307-8987; (Victorious Vision Ministries, Int’l)
John P. Stevens: 1-614-622-1624. (Victorious Vision Ministries, Int’l)

On February 21, 2010, God blessed me in being able to ORDAIN: Brother John Stevens &
Sister Bette Stevens as Fulltime Ministers of The Full Gospel of Christ Jesus! Then, on
October 16, 2010, once again The LORD God blessed me in being able to ORDAIN:
Brother Alan Cornelius & Sister Tamara Cornelius as Fulltime Ministers of The Full Gospel
of Christ Jesus! The CORNELIUS’ serve as Editors of The Christian Magazine named: “SIGNS,
WONDERS, & Miracles”!!! On December 08, 2012, once more The LORD God blessed me along with Brother John & Sister Bette Stevens, in being able to ORDAIN: Sister Terri Boyd as a Minister of The Full Gospel of Christ Jesus! Zephaniah 3:17: “The LORD. thy God in the midst of thee, is
MIGHTY”!!! On October 19, 2013, Kingdom Encouagers Ministries & Churches, Intl AND Victorious Vision Ministries, Int’l were blessed to ORDAIN : PASTOR SHAMEERA NILANTHA SEPION of the Sri Lanka Christian Center as a Full-Time Minister of The Full Gospel of Christ Jesus and The Church that he pastors is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. We also issued a Certificate of Ministry to Kwame Antwi Boasiako in Accra, Ghana West Africa on 11/11/2013 Ministry Website:

In Loving Service to ALL of the Sons Of The Kingdom of God, I remain,In Christ, Apostle Patrick A. Kirk